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Blog 1: Learning Plan

I had a meeting with Trainer Christine Watson in Starbucks on the Lisburn road in South Belfast to discuss my role throughout my placement within the organisation on  2nd of May 2019. To begin the talk with Christine, she gave me a start date of my placement which was  7th of May 2019. As Christine was the trainer and mentor for my placement she gave me a list of different courses to look at and complete to help me build more skills and understanding of video, photo editing and content marketing in general. Christine pointed me towards a great website called which she created herself to help people such as myself to learn new software and software techniques. The website allows you to learn from some of the world’s biggest names in photo and video editing such as “Pixar in a box” and “Apple” – it signposts to thousands of free online learning opportunities. It is great to be able to complete my work placement with a learning organisation as it enabled me not only to learn new skills but also lets me put them to practice and indeed to use within any future projects of my own.

  Throughout the placement I have set goals from what Christine has told me from the scoping meeting we initially had to discuss the placement. This was supported by my own research using the ‘Find a Course’ section of the website. This is the range of software I plan to adopt and the learning goals I would like to achieve during my time on placement;

  • Lumen 5 – Using it to create videos.
  • Canva – Using Canva to create graphics.
  • Google Local Guide – Using Google local guide to contribute photos, videos and write reviews on Google Maps. I would aspire to make it to level 10 – to achieve this Local Guide level I need to be awarded 100,000 points – each photo I contribute gives me 5 points!
  • WordPress – Be able to create and update blog content.
  • Gopro Quik – To use Quik to create short videos from photos and video for distribution on different social media platforms to showcase some of my work during my placement.
  • Google analytics – Use Google analytics to see the number of views on my blogs. I have agreed to achieve at least 100 views on my first blog before 28 May 2019.
  • Google Digital Garage – Learn from the course that Google provides for free, online – it is called Google digital garage and on completion I obtain a certificate to add to my CV.
  • MIT University – Discover and complete at least one course. I found out about as a result of my research on the learning opportunities available for free online via


Pixar in a box

So far I have researched a number of different software solutions that Trainer: Chartered Marketer Christine Watson has shown me. With I have started to look at Pixar in a box – a free online course by Disney Pixar with Khan Academy and I have been learning about how they work and how they create their ideas for their most famous films. I have recently completed Pixar in a box course with “The art of storytelling”. This is another great course that helps with understanding how the best of the best storytelling artists from Pixar create their biggest films. They give you tips on how to think and create your very own project. This is another great course that is offered by


I have also completed between my initial scoping meeting and my first day on placement a ‘learn Instagram’ tutorial by Instagram. This course was short but good as it showed me an insight into what Instagram is and how to work it. My Trainer: Christine Watson advises that there are more instagram courses and tutorials to be found via Facebook Blueprint (instagram is  a facebook product).

Today at Apple

Another course that I have started to look into and will be soon going to in the next couple of weeks is “Today at Apple” courses to do with photography; this course is a good insight into what Instagram is and how to work it. After booking myself into “Today at Apple” I have completed two courses. The courses that I have completed at “Today at Apple” are, “Photo Skills: Photography on iPhone and Photo Lab: Crafting your shot co-created with Chase Jarvis”. I would not have completed these courses or even known about them if it wasn’t for trainingmatchmaker and Christine Watson.

Google Digital Garage

I have started looking into “Google Digital Garage” to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. The course consists of 26 modules that will take 40hours to complete. So far with my course on Google digital garage I am currently 6 modules into the 26, with only 20 modules to go to complete the course and to receive my certificate from “Google”.

MIT has a number of different courses to offer with also a wide range of different links to other courses available such as MIT, Harvard and many more available on the EDX website. I will be looking into a course within the university MIT that is available on the EDX website. There are a number of free courses within MIT that I can choose from to help with my learning progress.

Google local guides

Google local guides is an amazing piece of software that allows people such as myself to upload photos online of locations that they have visited to show others who have not visited them. This allows people to see what the location looks like first before going to see. This is great as it allows people from different countries to view different sites across that country. Google local guide is great as I started off with Level 0 and have been leveling up super quickly in the space of 2 days to level 3 just from posting a couple of photos and reviews from places that I have visited in the past and recently. (Level 5 within a week) My goal for local guide and for what others should strive to reach is level 10 which is hitting 100,000 points.

Throughout my journey of using Google local guides I have realised that there is no guide on how to use the Google local guides platform. I took it upon myself to create a step-by-step guide on how to setup your own local guide so you can start contributing your own location photos when you’re traveling. I have created a step-by-step guide within the website which you can check out by clicking on the website name. This will take you to the step-by-step guide on which I have created.

Google Analytics

I have been looking into “Google analytics” to manage the progress with my website to see how many people have been on the blog that I have created and also see how long they are stay. I will also see where they are looking at within “Google analytics” on my blog. My goal for my blog is to get 100 views by the time I am finished my training placement with

About Me

My name is Ronan, I have a HND Level 5 in Visual Effects & Animation and a level 2 in social media at Belfast Metropolitan College. I have always wanted to be a 3D modeller and hope to be in the future. I have recently been taking a short liveskills course in Digital Marketing and New Technologies at Belfast Met to learn new and existing skills. There are two parts to the course with the first part of it being learning based. The first part of the course helped me learn new skills and software that I didn’t know existed within photo and video editing that I can now use in the future. The second part to the liveskills course is being given the opportunity to have a placement within an organisation that will help me develop the understanding of how a real workplace works and also develop new skills and practice their application in a work based scenario. The liveskills course is a great course for people who want to learn basic skills within photo editing and video editing.


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