About digital DNA 

Photo from the Check-In at the Digital DNA Exhibition and Conference in Belfast.

This is me trying the visual glasses at an exhibition stand at DigitalDNA in Belfast.

Michelle my Erasmus work buddy and I had the possibility to learn new stuff at Digital DNA.
What is Digital DNA?
They want to bring the key players in the tech ecosystems together to collaborate, network and grow.
Their mission is simple: to encourage and support the growth of all things digital and to ensure that digital technology is at the forefront of people’s minds.
Digital technology is part of our lives, and DigitalDNA want digital leaders, fast-growing companies, blue-chip organisations, SMEs and startups to share knowledge and ideas, overcome challenges and seize opportunities to transform the digital landscape. The company does this by bringing together as many great people as possible from all industries and disciplines in a vibrant and dynamic environment.
Find out more at https://digitaldna.org.uk/about_us/
Through the ideas and different showcases of the companies exhibiting and speaking, I was able to learn new things today.
I also had the possibility to try visual glasses from the company PwC. Here I saw a 360° tour around Belfast – this was remarkably interesting and I learned a lot about the city. This was helpful as I only arrived in Belfast a few days previous.
About the Young Enterprise NI

Left: Rebecca Right: Róisín-Áine from Young Enterprise NI.

  Young Enterprise Norther Ireland  kindly gifted the tickets that my colleague, fellow Erasmus trainee Michelle and I used to get access to DigitalDNA.  Young Enterprise NI is a company which motivates young people to succeed in the changing world of work.
Young Enterprise NI  is the leading Enterprise Education Charity in Northern Ireland. It inspires over 90,000+ students each year to ensure they leave education prepared for life and work.
The two girls at the Young Enterprise NI exhibition stand told us that the digital DNA event is a good possibility for students to get an insight into the different businesses within the digital ecosystem. My Erasmus Mentor and Trainer Christine Watson who founded Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing and TrainingMatchmaker.com was once a Young Enterprise NI student – she and her fellow students at Down High School created a company. sold shares, designed, made and sold CD racks and returned a profit to their shareholders. Christine is a strong advocate of the work that Young Enterprise NI does to further insight into entrepreneurship in the next generation.
About Coding Fury

Brian Douglas from Coding Fury.

We also met Brian Douglas from Coding Fury he gave us the task of saying hello from him to Christine Watson – she is our mentor in our traineeship.
Brian Douglas founded Coding Fury Ltd in 2012 to help businesses make the most of emerging technologies.
As a business leader, Brian has identified data science as a key growth area for the vast majority of businesses today and has directed Coding Fury accordingly. Throughout his studies, Brian brings his experience as a software engineer and leading numerous technology projects at three Fortune 100 companies.
Favourite thing of the day at the digital DNA 

This is me playing the game from the company Aflac.

One of my favourite parts of the flagship digital event was to try the game from the company Aflac. The rules were not to touch the metal pole with the metal circle, by less than 10 mistakes you could spin the wheel of fortune. It was a very interesting event and I can only recommend that you go and see it for yourself. I found out later when writing this blog that my Mentor and Trainer Christine used to work with one of the ladies from Aflac – attending DigitalDNA brought them back together and they have been in touch since to reconnect again in person at the Aflac offices – one of the benefits of LinkedIn is being able to follow up with professionals that you meet throughout your career and at exhibitions too!   Attending DigitalDNA was also insightful from a marketing perspective, the companies, charities and public sector organisations attending invested in branded marketing products – from their very stands and table covers to branded notebooks, pens, even luxury dark chocolate, key rings, water bottles, coffee cups, stress balls, stickers and lunch bags to reusable cloth bags. The various tactics of each exhibitor was also interesting to note – from the game at Alfac to the glasses at PWC and also the speakers on the stage sharing their wisdom. A lot of time and investment clearly goes into exhibiting your business at an event like DigitalDNA.
Next date: DIGITAL DNA GLASGOW 14th September 2023 | S.E.C.C, Glasgow    
About me

Me in front of the Belfast City Hall.

My name is Romana Schöser and I am 20 years old, I came to Belfast from Austria/ Tyrol via Munich and Dublin airports. At the moment I am doing an apprenticeship at the company ‘Tyrolit’ and I work as an office clerk. I am in the 3rd year of professional school and this is the final year as a trainee/apprentice. My final exam is in July 2023.
In my free time I love to play volleyball or go snowboarding in the mountain where I live.
I also have an Instagram account about the time in NI here you are welcome to follow me so you don’t miss any of my experiences whilst I am on my Erasmus traineeship in Belfast. @Romana_in_belfast
You also can find me on LinkedIn – Romana Schöser
About Watson and Co. Chartered Marketing

My Trainer Christine Watson.

Watson and Co. Chartered Marketing is a marketing consultancy and training company established in April 2005 by the multi award winning and industry experienced Chartered Marketer, SOSTAC Certified Planner and Licensed WorldHost Customer Service Trainer Christine Watson Christine is my mentor at my Erasmus work placement in Belfast.
Christine and her team work with businesses to deliver creative and effective marketing and customer service solutions to achieve optimal results for them.
About Training Match Maker
Trainingmatchmaker.com directs people to free or paid online and face-to-face courses to inspire people to go on their next learning journey. There are also various trainers that you can find detailed on the website at Our Trainers – TrainingMatchMaker.
Training MatchMaker was founded by my Erasmus mentor and trainer Christine Watson.
Here you can also read the latest blogs from Michelle and I on the trainingmatchmaker website. At the start of our Erasmus placement in Belfast we wrote our first blog to share our learning plans and we will also be writing a blog at the end of our traineeship which will detail what all we have learned during our time living and working in Northern Ireland. Before coming across trainingmatchmaker.com we were not aware of so many different learning opportunities. Blog – TrainingMatchMaker
About Erasmus+
Erasmus+ is the European Union’s program to promote education, training, youth and sport in Europe.
The 2021-2027 plan focuses on social inclusion, green and digital transformation and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life.
It supports the priorities and activities set out in the European Education Sector, the Digital Education Action Plan and the European Skills Agenda. the program Also supporting the European Social Rights Pillar, implement the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027, To promote the development of European sport.
About Intern Europe
The  Intern Europe are an international team passionate about providing work experience in Belfast, Glasgow and Liverpool.
In collaboration with European partners and local host companies, the organize traineeships as part of a culture and language experience.
Michelle and I also take part at this traineeship from Intern Europe. In our first week we have an English course, which is also organized from Intern Europe.    
About Young Enterprise NI
Young Enterprise NI is Northern Ireland’s leading enterprise education charity – inspiring over 90,000+ students each year to ensure they leave education prepared for life & work.
Young Enterprise NI is the Northern Ireland organisation of Young Enterprise a national charity in the UK. Their mission is to motivate young people to succeed in the changing world of work by equipping them with the work skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.
You can follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and LinkedIn.
About Digital DNA
Their mission is to encourage and support the development of all things digital and to ensure that digital technologies are at the forefront of people’s minds. Digital technology is a part of our lives and they want leading digital companies, fast growing companies, blue chip organisations, SMEs and start-ups to share their knowledge and ideas, overcome challenges and seize opportunities to change the digital landscape.
They achieve this by bringing together as many bright minds as possible from a variety of industries and disciplines in a vibrant and dynamic environment. They don’t make round tables and notepads. Instead, they create large-scale collaborative events that function as dynamic gatherings.   Find out more at https://digitaldna.org.uk/about_us/  

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