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Since starting my placement with Chartered Marketer Christine Watson at Watson & Co Chartered Marketing. and, I have learnt so much more than I could have asked for, all whilst putting it into practice daily. I have to say, the last 6 weeks have flown in – time flies when you’re having fun, right?
There are so many skills I’ve gained and developed, all of which I’d love to share and encourage anyone else to try out too!
Researching, Audits and Insights
Throughout the placement, I completed 2 digital audits, one for and one for a client project. These audits involved thorough research on the company’s SEO and mobile friendliness, social media insights, online trends through tools such as Google Trends, Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, and competitors through Ispionage and Facebook Pages to Watch – a tool that I wrote a blog on. All of this research allows for companies to see how effective their content and engagement is for attracting people, and how to gain an advantage on their competitors!
Writing and PR
I’ve written a few blogs via WordPress, although I had used this tool before, I feel much more competent at it now and it’s exciting to see the blogs get shared! In regards to other writing, I got stuck into the public relations side of marketing and wrote a press release for a client project, which I then used my newly found email marketing skill, to send to relevant media contacts. I’m so chuffed that it had success! The press release gained coverage from publishers like Newsletter, Sync NI and The Newtownabbey Times. I also used Google Alerts so that I could be notified when the release was published, which came in very handy.
Visual Creation
I definitely feel that my creativity has been given a chance to flourish, as I’ve used photo creation and editing tools like Trace, Canva and Pixlr X. All of which I was quite proud of, and some were used as Instagram posts for both Watson & Co Chartered Marketing. and, which you can see below. I also created certificates for attendees of a training workshop held by Trainer: Christine Watson. The training delegates were invited to submit feedback on the course using a Google Form that I also made.

Social Media
I took on a few of the courses that and Make it Click signpost to and even obtained a Social Marketing Certificate from Hootsuite:   Hootsuite Certificate of Achievement in Social Marketing   Before the placement I didn’t even have a LinkedIn account (I do now, go follow the link and check it out), and as a result of another placement signpost I gained even more knowledge on LinkedIn by attending a super insightful webinar by the BBC Digital Cities – delivered by Trainer Louise Brogan and I’m excited to see where my LinkedIn takes me, as I begin the search of finding my career footsteps.
Work Communications
Whilst getting into the rhythm of working from home (a first for me), it was so useful gaining competency in Google MeetZoom and Microsoft Teams, I even created my own background and screen shared presentation for my SERC course. Meanwhile, as we all had regular meetings but different schedules, Doodlepoll was a great tool to figure out what time and day worked best for everyone.
I feel that this placement has provided me with incredible insight into the world of marketing, allowing me to grow and develop my skills whilst learning new ones and having the opportunity to put newfound learning into practice in a business setting. I feel really accomplished by everything I’ve done over the last 6 weeks, and I’m super excited to see what the future holds for me.
You can read more about, Make It Click, SERC and myself from my Learning Plan Blog, but in the meantime, you can find me on:

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