photograph of Jessica Johannemann Erasmus Trainee from Germany during her work placement at Training Matchmaker dot com
photograph of Jessica Johannemann Erasmus Trainee from Germany during her work placement at Training Matchmaker dot comMy name is Jessica Johannemann and I am here in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am doing a three week traineeship at to develop my English skills. This Erasmus funding is enabling me to live and work outside of my hometown of Germany. On 19th August my first day of work at I met the founder Chartered Marketer and Trainer: Christine Watson  in a café. She is my trainer for the next three weeks. She asked me what I do professionally and how I spend my free time in Germany and what I want to achieve in three weeks here in Belfast. As my trainer Christine Watson explained to me what tasks I will do during my time here. I should choose on courses I would like to attend or complete. For example the free classes in the Apple store in Belfast called – Today At Apple including: “Taking Portraits on Location”. I’ll also visit different places to get photos for her website, Instagram/Facebook site and so on.   For me, it will be very interesting because I might want to study marketing after my apprenticeship.
Learning goals
  1. I’m here in Belfast for three weeks to improve my English skills spoken and written. It’s very important for my job in Germany because we have customers from abroad and I find it is some times difficult to communicate.
  2. Three weeks is a short time and I want to explore and learn so much about Northern Ireland, Belfast and Dublin. Lots of people in Germany say that Ireland is so beautiful and that’s why I wanted to get a picture of it for myself. I would like to see a lot of the area, get to know the history and definitely go to the Giant’s Causeway and the different pubs to hear Irish folk music.
  3. My trainer Christine gave me the task to write two blogs. First I am to write a learning plan (this blog) and before I travel home I will write a learning log. I have never written a blog before but I am ready for something new.
  4. I would like to take part in various courses. Whether online or face to face. There is a wide range of choices listed on including many free courses. For example “How to use Canva“, “Learn Instagram with Instagram” or different courses in the Apple store. My Trainer: Christine says I should take courses that interest me and that may help me in my work tasks.
  5. I wish to learn how to become a local guide on Google Maps. I will take and share pictures from my explorations in Ireland. This can help other Google Maps users.
I hope my Trainer Christine is happy with my work and that I have a nice three weeks here with lots of fun. On 5th September I will post my learning log to document my training and development journey and achievements whilst an Erasmus Trainee in Belfast with    
photograph of Jessica Johannemann Erasmus Trainee from Germany during her work placement at Training Matchmaker dot comAbout Me: My name is Jessica Johannemann. I come from Germany and I am 22 years old. I’m completing an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk by the company SCHEMBERG in Germany. I started in August 2017 and I will complete it next year in May. In my free time I work in a greek restaurant as a waitress. I enjoy meeting friends, going to the gym and I like to go out and socialise.   About Erasmus: Erasmus is a European Union programme that funds a traineeship outside of your home country. “The Erasmus Programme (EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a European Union (EU) student exchange programme established in 1987.” A German organisation iZag arranged the exchange – I simply had to specify the time period, advise the European country where I would prefer to spend my time and write a motivation letter alongside a form where I completed general information about myself. About two weeks before departure I visited an information day in Magdeburg city in Germany – this is when I was informed of where I would be located, who my host family would be and where I would be working. If you have a problem or you need help you can call your Erasmus facilitator and they fix the problem – this made me feel more comfortable and confident embarking on an overseas venture.  

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