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Learning Plan

I had a meeting with Trainer Christine Watson in Caffe Nero, Royal Avenue, Belfast to discuss my role throughout my placement within the Training organisation on the 30th August 2019. To begin Christine gave me a start date of 3rd September. As Christine is my trainer and mentor for my placement she gave me a list of courses to help me build more skills and understanding of content  marketing in general – learning opportunities that should help me perform better and more efficiently throughout my time on placement. Christine pointed me to a website called which she created herself to help people such as myself to learn new skills – of all types and also to learn new digital platforms and how to use them effectively to deliver content marketing work. The website allows you to learn from a vast range of online providers such as Google Digital Garage and Twitter it shows thousands of free online learning opportunities, as well as a few face to face. It is a great opportunity for me to complete my placement with a learning organisation, as I will be enabled to learn new skills and put them into practice and to use in the future for myself or future workplaces. Myself and Christine have agreed goals and deliverables for my month on placement, following my own research using the Find a Course section of the website.

This is the range of digital tools that I plan to use to be able to effectively perform my role as a content creator and digital marketer whilst officially in training and the learning goals I would like to achieve during my time on placement:
WordPress – Be able to create and adopt blog content. This Learning Plan is my first ever blog post and I have been on this planet for more than half a century! Trainer Christine Watson has set aside a little time in week one to show me how to upload a blog post using wordpress.
Google analytics – I plan to use this to analyse the number of views of my blog. Trainer: Chartered Marketer Christine Watson will demonstrate Google Analytics towards the end of my time on placement.
Hootsuite – This Social Media Management System which enables you to monitor your social media platforms and preschedule content. I have found two different free online courses to complete and will also be using this to preschedule approved content to social media platforms such as Twitter during online networking hour: Belfast Hour.
Google local Guides – I will use this to post pictures and reviews to google maps. I aim to reach Local Guide level 5 and Expert photographer status having submitted 100 photos of 25 places and obtained over 100,000 views
Twitter – I plan to use this to support business goals i.e. to connect and interact with business. Twitter flight school and help by twitter as well as twitter business will be useful for my skills development in this area.
Facebook InsightsA tool used to help marketers learn about their target audience, including geography, demographics and purchase behaviour. To develop my level of proficiency as a business using facebook I plan to complete some Facebook Blueprint training
Instagram – I will use to post images, videos and stories to this visual storytelling platform – I will need to perfect my copywriting and use of hashtags also. Free facebook blueprint training available online focusing on instagram will help me achieve better results from my posts
Linkedin – Use to build professional portfolio to seek employment prospects. I will create a LinkedIn account for myself and learn how LinkedIn works.

About me:

  Belfast Met Live Skills Trainee Will West profile photoMy name is Will, I have over 20 years experience within Reprographics and 5 years as a Nightshift Manager/Controller. I have been out of employment for over 10 years due to 3 major spinal surgeries. I completed a pain management course at Belfast City Hospital within the last year which encouraged me to get back into education in order improve and develop my knowledge and skills. I have completed a 4 week learning course in Digital and New Technologies at the Belfast Met, Springvale campus as the first part of the course. An additional 4 weeks of the course involves undertaking a work placement with Watson & Co Charted Marketing /  This opportunity will allow me to gain an understanding into analytics and how they’re used for marketing purposes whilst further developing my digital skill set.

About Live Skills

Live Skills is a training programme delivered by Belfast Met and part funded by Erasmus.

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