Photo of Italian Erasmus Trainee Geremia Bussotti reading a book in Lisbourn Road Library
Hi my name is Geremia Bussotti, I completed my 5 week Erasmus Traineeship at in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I set up some learning goals when I wrote my learning blog, in the following blog you can see what I achieved in this time and which goals I reached.


Twitter meeting

The day after my first meeting with my Trainer Christine Watson I attended her training workshop at Mallusk Enterprise Park about twitter, the potential of twitter for business and how to use it. I learned a lot of things and I changed my conception of twitter, it is a really useful platform and now I know how to do it.


Canva is a graphic-design tool which uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs and graphics. I completed an online course, which I found listed on, about Canva Graphics and I worked a lot with it to create different content. For example I promoted the River To Lough Festival using Canva’ s template. This traineeship was my first time using Canva – I found it useful and easy to use and when I go home to Italy I will explain it to my mother for potential use in our family restaurant business.    


I learned how to post a blog on a website and how to edit it using WordPress, in fact  I posted my learning blog without any problems. This Learning Log is my second blog post.

Google Breakfast Briefing

I went to Google EMEA HQ in Dublin to attend a Google Breakfast Briefing and it was so cool. We arrived just in time to see all the presentation which talked about ‘Unwrapping your customers behaviour this Christmas’. After that I also visited Dublin for few hours and I like it, I did find the city a little bit expensive but it’s  a nice place to visit.

Today at Apple

Thanks to I learned about the Today At Apple courses and I did two free apple courses at the Victoria Square Apple store about video making and Photography. I learned many new things about my Iphone camera and I discovered some functiosn that I didn’t know existed. So thank you Apple and thank you Christine for your website!


In my last week at work I attended a linkedIn training session delivered by Trainer Christine Watson to the team at Mallusk Enterprise Park. I didn’t know this platform before the workshop and I didn’t realise how important it can be for workers and students.  I made a lot of Canva Templates in that meeting so I improved also my Canva skills and I showed some of the Mallusk team how to use Canva via a mobile phone. My traineeship also led me to teaching and sharing my newfound skills and competences with others – I enjoy teaching!


I completed the free online course by Facebook blueprint on instagram, when I arrived in Belfast I already was quite competent at using Instagram on a personal level and also for business. As part of my traineeship I drafted lots of instagram for business content – both stories and tiles for and for the River to Lough Festival – my Trainer Christine’s client – much of this content was published and received good engagement with audiences.

Search Enging Marketing / Hashtag Marketing

Before I came to Belfast I used hashtags on instagram but on my traineeship I learned a few tools to find more hashtags and keywords that content creators should consider including in their posts:, google trends and answer the public. I did some research and created a hashtag directory or listing of hashtags and keywords that trainingmatchmaker should utilise.

The English Language

Five weeks in an English speaking country has made me more confident with my English language skills – both written and oral. The locals in Northern Ireland speak quite fast! I also learned some Northern Ireland colloquialisms such as Baltic which means cold our foundered, whats the craic which means what is happening, Bout Ye which means how are you and many more.

Irish Culture

My host company and have a lot of customers in different parts of the city and across Northern Ireland so I got to visit many places also while I was working – I took the free 45 minute tour of Belfast City Hall and the free tour of Parliament Buildings, Stormont – both clients of my Trainer and Mentor Christine Watson and this was nice. My top places to visit and things to see in Belfast are:
  1. St George’s Market (another of Christine’s training clients!)
  2. Botanic Gardens and the Ulster Museum
  3. Ormeau Park (it was really close to where my accommodation was and I used it for my running route)
  4. The Big Fish
  5. Belfast City Hall
  6. Parliament Buildings, Stormont
In wider Northern Ireland my favourite places were:
  1. Giant’s Causeway
  2. Lough Neagh – Toomebridge – I even got to go on the Lough Neagh Food Tour as part of my work and this included a boat trip on the Lough and I ate some Lough Neagh Eel and Pollan.

Blogging Skills

In the course of these 5 weeks I really improved my video making and blogging skills. I did many free courses at Apple and I also used my Gopro a lot of the time here in Belfast. I like making videos and editing them in my freetime so this is really important for me. I started the youtube creators course – a free online course that I found listed on TrainingMatchmaker – I have only completed the first part so far but I think I will continue this training when I go home to Italy.


About mesome photography of learning and blogging time

My name is Geremia Bussotti and I am 17 until the 9th of December. I come from Tuscany, in Italy. I am going to attend marketing and management at university, probably in Pisa or Bologna. I passed the Erasmus selection to come to Belfast for 5 weeks, to work and to learn as much as possible. I haven’t a host family here – instead I live independently in an apartment in South Belfast, so I have to cook and to clean the home, which actually it isn’t a problem for me (my mum will be proud of me). In Italy I study during the winter but in the summer I work for my family business, we have a beers shop and a restaurant, I have to promote them by social media and websites. I love travelling around the world in touristic places and those less popular (off the beaten track). I can stay abroad for long time but I never do it because of my school, work and sport commitments. I am a dynamic person and I do a lot of sport activities, main sports: football and gym. I am at the end of this experience and I really enjoyed it, thanks to my Trainer Christine Watson and to all the other guys in the office for the skills and for the good time spent together. Hope to see you again! Amazing experience.

About Erasmus

Erasmus stands for European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. It’s a Higher Education exchange programme for students, teachers and institutions, run in the UK by the British Council. Basically, it’s a chance for universities and students across 33 countries to mingle, learn new skills and expand their horizons. Over two million students have done Erasmus since it first started in 1987. Of course it isn’t all about socialising; Erasmus gives students the chance to study, do a work placement or work as a language assistant in another European country during their time at school. You don’t have to be a language student to get involved either; as long as your university or school offers Erasmus for your subject, you can do it. There are different kinds of Erasmus – you can stay abroad for few weeks, few months or for a year. I got to stay in Belfast for 5 weeks from the 1st of September to the 6th of October. I think that Erasmus is an amazing experience that everybody should have to try!

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