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Hello world, My name is Asya Giacalone, I’m from Italy, I’m here in Belfast and I’m doing my erasmus traineeship at I’ll be here for 5 weeks to work and learn in a different country as part of an intern_europe erasmus project.
On September 3rd I met my trainer Christine Watson, the founder of Watson & Co Chartered Marketing and We talked about my traineeship and also the courses that I can do free, which you can find on website. I will do some of these courses during my erasmus the others I will do in Italy. I will do many of these courses online, and the others will be done on the spot  like the apple courses in the Apple store in Belfast and google breakfast briefing in Dublin. 
Many of these courses are on social media for example instagram, twitter, facebook and youtube.  We also talked about the roles that I will have in the company. In fact I will contribute to the Watson & Co Chartered Marketing company website and social media. I will input into the corporate marketing of the company.

Learning goals

1. To improve my language skills: I study English at school, but I never had the opportunity to speak a language very different from mine for so long. I hope to improve my skills in speech and writing. Improving my English is very important for my future projects and work.
2. To get to know a new culture and a new city. It’s my first time in Belfast and in the north of Ireland. In these 5 weeks I would like to visit as many places as I can. First of all I’d like to visit Belfast city hall and the social life of Belfast. In Northern Ireland I’d also like to Geremia and Asya from Italyvisit the Giant’s Causeway and in Ireland Dublin city.
3. To learn new skills: in fact I’ll do many courses now thanks to the learning opportunities I have found on I decided to complete the instagram, youtube, and canva courses. Christine introduced me to this great platform and I have lots that I can choose from.
4. Learn to write blogs: This learning plan is my first blog and I’ll write another one – a learning log – at the end of my Erasmus experience with Trainer Christine. I have never before written a blog so this is a perfect start for my blogging experience. 
5. To improve my photography skill: I like taking pictures with my phone or my digital camera – thanks to the free today at apple courses available in the Apple store in Victoria Square shopping centre in Belfast city I’ll learn how to make better photos. 
6. To learn how to manage a business Instagram account: in fact Christine will teach me how to have a successful Instagram for business account and I can take the free instagram course by facebook blueprint.
7. To grow on a personal level: this is the first time I have been away from home for so long a time. In Belfast I’ll live in a new home I’ll share my home with new people. I think this experience will help me to grow as a person. I will meet new people from different cultures, I hope to learn a lot from this project.
I  hope to acquire many new skills and experiences during my traineeship at Watson & Co Chartered Marketing

About me

My name is Asya Giacalone, I am from Italy and I am 17 years old. My birthday is 23rd of September. I will celebrate my birthday in a different city, far from my family and with new friends. Intern-europe allowed me to do this 5 week erasmus in Belfast. I live in a shared apartment in donegal road in the south of Belfast city. I like to spend my free time with my family and with my friends. I will attend the last year of high school this year. I study marketing and economics and so this internship is perfect for me. I like travelling and discovering new places and cultures. Next year I would like to go to university and continue my studies in marketing and advertising.  follow me on instagram:@asya_giacalone        

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