Bloggers Set To Inspire At Libraries NI #GetBloggingNI Co Down Event
Get inspired to blog at Newry City Library
All will be revealed about the secrets of online writing at a free Blogging Inspiration session at Newry City Library on Thursday, 28 November from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.
The Libraries NI event is designed to encourage potential bloggers to get started and will provide hints, tips and tricks towards success as well as giving participants an inside glimpse of the enjoyment of being a blogger.
Speakers will include Kilkeel woman Maura Ward, famed for her blog, the Geriatric Traveller and online safety expert Wayne Denner.  
Seventy year old Maura started her blog after being inspired by her son’s online travel diary which started to make him money.
She said:
“I must confess that as he reported the income rising, the more interested I became “Eventually, in 2012, I decided to blog about the travelling I was doing, but I aim mine at an older demographic – and there begins the saga of Geriatric Traveller. “Initially I was very gung-ho and devoted considerable time and effort to it. I made a small amount of money, but nothing that was going to change my life. “Soon afterwards I started my Geriatric Traveller Facebook page as well, largely because I hoped it would be a conduit to my website. “I am constantly amazed at the interest the page generates, and it gives me such a good feeling. “Without any conscious effort on my part, I have amassed some 3300 page followers, and a recent post had over 6000 views, which was absolutely gobsmacking.”
Newry dad Wayne Denner, founder of podcast Zero Lives Left came to blogging from a different angle. He said it started almost by accident through his background in online safety.      
I realised that many parents had questions when it came to keeping children and young People in their care safer online and that they needed useful and helpful information. “I decided to create an Online Safety blog to provide helpful and practical online safety information for Parents, Carers and those who work with Children and Young People. “It has now become one of the most trusted and respected eSafety blogs in the UK and Ireland.”
He said blogging has given him the opportunity to build and create his own personal brand and a place to communicate with a much larger audience.
This has led to video blogging and podcasting becoming a central part of his communication strategy and has led to him becoming a regular media commentator with BBC, ITV, RTE, Virgin Media Ireland & u105.
Wayne said:  
“Everyone has a story to tell & value to add and blogging provides people with an easy and simple way to express themselves and create content. “For many people, me included, the hardest part was starting. “I am not a natural writer in fact in the early days it was something I struggled with but like with anything over time my style and the writing improved. “One of the most important and rewarding things for me personally is the content that I am creating is helping people that’s what makes the difference. “It’s the feeling that you get when you receive an email from a reader who says ‘Thank You’ the piece of content that you created helped then when it comes to Online Safety. ‘I am delighted to be involved in the #GetBloggingNI session in Newry City Library, as a local content creator and blogger it’s great to be able to share my experience & learnings to help inspire others to start on their content creation journey.”
Chartered Marketer Christine Watson of Training Matchmaker will facilitate the session, which is hosted by journalist and content creator, Tina Calder of the Content Club and Excalibur Press.
Christine said blogging is no longer the preserve of the few.
“In recent years there has been a surge in interest in blogging, vlogging and podcasting across Northern Ireland. “It’s a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people, immerse yourself in your passions, keep your mind healthy and active and an excellent excuse to get out and about and use your local library. “Attendees at the Blogging Inspiration event in Newry City Library will be sure to leave with the motivation, encouragement and practical knowhow they need to begin or amplify their blogging journey.”
Libraries NI Service Development Manager Julie Reid said:
“Libraries NI is pleased to offer this free Blogging Inspiration event to introduce people to the art of blogging. “Storytelling is forever evolving and blogging, vlogging and podcasting is quickly becoming the new platform for telling stories through text, images and video. “Whether you’re blogging for business, documenting your family history or keeping a record of travelling expeditions, you’re using the power of words to tell a story.” “We’re delighted to once again team up with Christine Watson to present this event at Newry City Library on Thursday 28 November and look forward to welcoming our speakers Maura Ward and Wayne Denner as well as host Tina Calder to the library.”
The event at Newry City Library is part of the ongoing Libraries NI #GetBloggingNI series which will run into 2020 across Northern Ireland.
Officially presented by in collaboration with Libraries NI, previous events in the #GetBloggingNI series included Blogging Inspiration sessions, a six-week Get Blogging Course and five Blogging for Wellness roadshows.
This event is free and booking is essential. Book your place at Newry City Library on 28 November at:
For more information on our speakers: Maura Ward: Wayne Denner: in Newry Library


GetBloggingNI-LisburnRoad-70: Libraries NI Service Development Manager Julie Reid and Chartered Marketer Christine Watson of Training Matchmaker


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