Picture of Erasmus Trainee Hanna Broecker from Germany meeting with world host trainer Christine Watson
For my four week Erasmus work placement with Training Matchmaker I was asked to document my learning and development progress. For doing so I have firstly documented the learning goals that I hope to achieve and later on in my traineeship – closer to my last day, I will add a new blog post – my learning log which will outline what I have actually learned.
These following skills I hope to obtain during my work placement:

Language and Communication Skills

I have blogged before just as a travel blogger and I hope to learn how to become a better blogger and how to write more successful blog posts through this work placement in TrainingMatchmaker.com in Belfast. Because the Posts will be written in English instead of my native German tongue, I hope to improve my written English and when spending time working and living in Northern Ireland – a region of the United Kingdom (UK) also my spoken English will hopefully improve.

Social Networking Skills

During the time invested on my traineeship I will learn how to use WordPress – a platform which is widely used for blogging and marketing. According to WorldHost Trainer Christine it is not that difficult to use and is supposed to be similar to Microsoft word which I already use quite often for school and in my free time. WordPress is also the system that TrainingMatchmaker.com is working on. In addition, I would like to take a course which presents the tools that are offered by Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media Management tool and is an important tool to use to help manage content distribution on Social media platforms – it allows you to schedule content in advance.

Tourism Related Skills 

For this skill I will search on TrainingMatchmaker.com for tourism management related online courses. These courses will not only educate me but also look good on my resume in the future. One of the courses I found was called ´trafficking the past´ the course hosted on the Khan Academy learning platform was published and influenced by UNESCO and explores the down side of the UNESCO world heritage list and the trafficking of historical artefacts. Furthermore, I found a course on global water resources which also links to sustainable tourism. It is said that it takes approximately two hours to complete and educates on the global water cycle and how we use water is essential to planning a sustainable source of water for the future. This particular course is offered by The Open University.

Photography and Video skills 

I am planning on attending some of the Apple courses that are offered by the Apple store in Victoria square shopping centre in Belfast city. There they offer a lot of different courses like ´Video Skills: Getting Started with iMovie´ or ´Photo Skills: Editing Techniques´. I was told that when the course is not fully booked out it is also possible to lend an apple product in order to fully learn and participate in the course – that’s if you already have the latest version of an apple product. Erasmus Trainee from Italy Valentina who had already attended some of the Today At Apple courses gave me tips – you can find her learning plan and learning log on TrainingMatchmaker.com.

Google Local Guide Skills 

To obtain this skill as an official Local Guide content contributor to Google Maps I will become a Google Local Guide for the first time and post images of places and write reviews that will not only help visitors but also locals to explore Belfast and Northern Ireland – when they are here or indeed at the planning stage. Furthermore, I will visit museums and sights in Northern Ireland to learn more about it’s culture and heritage.

Picture of Erasmus Trainee Hanna Broecker from Germany

About me 

I am here in Belfast for 4 weeks after spending two weeks working as an intern in a retail store in Dublin City centre. During these four weeks I live in a host family in North Belfast and work in the cathedral quarter for WorldHost Trainer and founder of the TrainingMatchmaker.com platform Christine Watson and her company Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing. I decided to do this Erasmus Traineeship during my training as a foreign language correspondent to gain practical experience in a company. Therefore, I wanted to specialise my work placement in tourism particularly sustainable tourism because this is the field that interests me and in which I plan to do my further studies at the University level. First living in Dublin, Ireland and now Belfast, Northern Ireland (NI), United Kingdom (UK), is completely different compared to my life in my small German hometown called Epe. In my free time I like to go to political events and to sew.

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