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Tackling Data Poverty Poster is working with Good Things Foundation on the launch of ‘The National Databank’ to give free mobile data to those that need it most.   Virgin Media 02 has created and gifted 7.5 million GB of 02 mobile data, to support the online centres of Good Things Foundation with the launch of ‘The National Databank’ to help over 200,000 people get connected by the end of 2023.      
Online centre of Good Things has been appointed to assist with the pilot programme running August to October 2021 to help ensure that individuals in Northern Ireland who do not have access to data get help to be able to connect to the internet in order to meet their essential needs.
Founder of – Chartered Marketer Christine Watson who welcomed the announcement of ‘The National Databank’ said:
“Helping to inspire learning is at the heart of and what we set out to achieve every day. I look forward to helping local people get the mobile data that they need to enable them to access free learning online, to learn new skills, gain qualifications, a sense of achievement, foster connection, take steps to positive mental health and more. In tackling obstacles to learning such as data poverty we are helping to take at least one worry away from households that struggle with poverty day and daily.
The launch is a direct response to the need for mobile networks to find a long-term solution to the data poverty crisis at a national level – by creating a collaborative, community-led platform that provides free mobile data to those who need it.

A central hub

The National Databank, which will be open to all mobile operators, will provide free data for community groups to distribute across the UK, including the most digitally deprived areas.
The platform has been created by Virgin Media O2, working closely with Good Things Foundation and other digital inclusion experts (including Community Organisers, Operation Wifi, Hubbub and Nominet) – and has been gifted to Good Things Foundation to run through their network of Online Centres. The National Databank provides, for the first time, a central hub where community groups can access free ‘data voucher codes’ and SIM cards for people who need them. Those accessing free data will also be offered additional support – including digital skills training and signposting to other essential services.
Founding member Virgin Media O2 will donate £12.5m worth of O2 connectivity (7.5 million GB of data) to the National Databank by the end of 2023. This is enough to provide 319 million hours of internet use to over 200,000 people in need, nationwide. Virgin Media O2 has also donated £500,000 to Good Things Foundation to cover the operational costs of running the Databank.
Ahead of a nationwide rollout in November, the initial three-month pilot is with 10 community organisations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The pilot will help test and improve the online platform built by Virgin Media O2’s innovation team, The Lab.

Supporting communities

As a growing number of households struggle to afford data, Virgin Media O2 and Good Things Foundation are now calling on other mobile networks to join the National Databank, helping scale the reach and impact of the platform as a long-term, sustainable solution to tackle data poverty. Working together, the industry has the power to provide connectivity to millions of digitally excluded people and families across the UK.
A recent report by Local Trust found that community-led action has played a vital role in reaching those experiencing data poverty throughout the pandemic. As a next step, the report identified the need to develop inclusive solutions at scale – including data sharing and pooling through schemes like a national data bank.
Lutz Schüler, Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Media O2, said:
“The pandemic has escalated the UK’s data poverty crisis like never before – and with many millions of people facing digital exclusion, now is the time to come together and close the gap on digital inequality.“Our industry has done remarkable things in recent months to keep customers connected when they needed it most, but it can’t stop there. By establishing the first ever National Databank with Good Things Foundation, coupled with a £12.5m data pledge, we want to build a lasting legacy from the pandemic so we’re now asking our colleagues in the mobile industry to join us and help end data poverty for good.”
Helen Milner OBE, Group Chief Executive, Good Things Foundation, said:
“Having sufficient data in our increasingly digital society is not a nice to have, it’s an absolute essential. If you’re not online you can’t save money on products and services, help your children to participate in home-learning, and apply for jobs.“We’re delighted to be partnering with Virgin Media O2 to launch the National Databank, which can be thought of as a ‘food bank for data’. Now is the time for us to come together to address the issue of data poverty in the UK once and for all.”
Digital Infrastructure Minister, Matt Warman, said:
“I welcome Virgin Media O2’s significant investment in the National Databank. This is a perfect example of industry innovation making a huge difference to people’s lives, and will mean more practical help for those on low incomes to get online and access the endless benefits of digital connectivity”
The launch of the National Databank follows a series of moves from Virgin Media O2 to support vulnerable customers during the COVID-19 pandemic – from free mobile data, devices and TV channels, to permanently zero-rating NHS and education websites. Last Autumn – in the height of the second wave – Virgin Media launched its Essential Broadband service for customers who are struggling financially and receiving Universal Credit. The company’s Help for Home Learners initiative and O2’s Community Calling programme have respectively provided data and devices to those in need at a crucial time.
National Data Bank Pilot SIM Card Photo Eligibility and How to Apply:
If you suffer from data poverty or know someone who does then we, at TrainingMatchmaker, can help.
If you live in NI and have no internet connection in your home or run your mobile phone using ‘pay as you go’ and find yourself without credit and access to the internet on a regular basis then get in touch.
Think of us like a food bank for data – TrainingMatchmaker is all about ‘inspiring learning’. As part of this commitment we wish to help aspiring learners overcome any obstacle that they may have that impacts their ability to get learning.
So with a limited supply of 02 SIM cards, each with 6-7 GB of data, available to eligible adult learners we hope to tackle data poverty in our province of Northern Ireland.
We are part of this exciting pilot programme and are operating on a first come, first served basis – the feedback of those we help will be invaluable in moving the plan for a National Databank forward.
The National Databank aims to help tackle data poverty by providing mobile data to 200,000 people in need by 2023.
We look forward to helping those struggling with data poverty – reach out today via social media our DMs are open on: facebook, instagram, twitter and LinkedIn.
  [1] Estimated figures based on the latest adult population figures from the Office for National Statistics (2019) and recent research into the UK’s data divide by the Ada Lovelace Institute (March 2021).    

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