Ulster Scots Word List for #LearnuaryNI challenge by TrainingMatchmaker.com
The Ulster Scots Agency kindly contributed Ulster Scots words and phrases that you can challenge yourself to learn this January as part of your #LearnuaryNI quest. Learning 31 Ulster Scots words could be your sole quest or indeed you are free to mix learning the Ulster Scots dialect amongst other languages or indeed wholly different learnings altogether for work or fun – ocht goes! Please remember to share your daily learning on social media using #LearnuaryNI – we will of course accept sound bites and video submissions too if you are game enough! You can find below various Ulster Scots words and their meanings and the Ulster Scots Agency also has a fantastic learning zone for weans where you can click to hear the audio of each word to help you perfect your pronunciation
Abain (Above) Cloot (Cloth) Flooch (Puff) Leeve (Live)
Aptly (Maybe) Coagle (Rock, Waver) Flooster (Embarrass) Margymore (Disorder)
Antifadgin (Evasive) Cod (Joke, Joker) Footer (Clumsy person) Neep (Turnip)
Attercap (spiteful person) Collogue (Conspire) Forbye (Besides) Ocht (Anything)
Banter(challenge) Coom (Peat mould) Fornenst  (Opposite) Stoor (Blowing dust)
Bederel (Bed ridden person) Cope (Tip Over) Founther (Freeze) Sturge (Sudden huff)
Beece (Cattle) Corbie (Rook) Frae (From) Styachie (Mess)
Beknownst (Aware) Cowp (Spill) Freety (Supersticious) Sugh (Hard thump)
Bisom (Cross woman) Craiter (Whiskey / Still) Gab (Chatterbox) Taen (Taken)
Blarge (Heavy Blow) Croon (Head) Galluses (Braces) Targe (Angry woman)
Blatter (Loud Noise) Dally (Dawdle) Gamf (Fool) Tartle (Ragged end)
Bleenge (Hard Kick / Blow) Danner (Stroll) Gansh (Chatterbox) Teasle (Tangle)
Blether (Talk Nonsense) Deedle (Proceed slowly) Ganzy (Cardigan) Thole (Endure)
Boady (Person) Deil (Devil) Gar (Force, Dare) Thonner (Over there)
Bocht (Bought) Deval (Abate) Geck (Mock, Taunt) Thrapple (Throat)
Brae (Hill) Dishables (Casual Clothing) Girn (Whinge) Thaveless (Useless)
Brave (Quite Good) Donsie (Ill) Glaikit (Stupid) Tober (Discipline)
Brochan (porridge) Doot (Doubt) Glar (Mud) Tonguin (Scolding)
Brung (Brought) Draky (Wet weather) Gleek (Peep) Tovey (Haughty, proud)
Cadge (Peddle goods) Dreech (Wearisome) Gloamin (Twilight) Trevally (Large number)
Cairt (Wagon) Drib (Small Amount) Goam (Fool) Trig (Trim, spruce)
Caleeried (Light Headed) Drooth (Thirsty) Gopin (Handful) Trinnle (Hoop)
Carnaptious (short tempered) Duncher (Man’s hat) Gornet (Greenhorn) Truff (Steal)
Cassie (Yard) Dunther (Rumble) Gowl (Shout) Twa (Two)
Champ (Mash, Pound) Dwam (Weakness) Greet (Cry) Unkit (Shy, Bashful)
Chug (Pull) Engersome (Irritating) Gret (Wept) Veshels (Cups, saucers)
Chugh (Tough) Errak (Young Hen) Griskin (Pork piece) Wampish (Flail arms)
Clabber (Mud) Fadge (Potato Bread) Grun (Ground) Wecht (Weight)
Clachan (Hamlet) Farl (Bread piece) Gulder (Yell) Whap (Curlew)
Claes (Clothes) Fash (Upset) Gulpin (Foolish youth) Wheek (Move suddenly)
Clatter (Large Number) Feart (Afraid) Haet (Jot, Tittle) Wheesht (Be quiet!)
Cleek (Hook) Ferntickles (Freakles) Hashter (Messy person) Whitrick (Stoat)
Cleg (Horsefly) Fireboord (Mantle piece) Heirskip (Inheritance) Wrocht (Worked)
Clem (Idiot) Fissle (Rustle) Inan (Indebted) Wun (Wind)
Clipe (Report) Flaff (Flap) Jap (Splatter, splash) Yammer (Complain)
Clod (Throw) Flesher (Butcher) Kye (Cattle) Yin  (One)
  We are inan to Catriona Holmes at the Ulster Scots Agency for this  #LearnuaryNI listicle blog. Thanks Catriona! To find out more about the Ulster Scots Agency you can visit their website, telephone them on 028 9023 1113 or call into the new Ulster Scots Museum at:

The Corn Exchange, 31 Gordon Street, Belfast, BT1 2LG




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