A to Z of Sewing for LearnuaryNI with Angeline Murphy for TrainingMatchmaker.com

A to Z of Sewing for LearnuaryNI with Angeline Murphy for TrainingMatchmaker.com

A #LearnuaryNI Sewing Challenge

Want to pick up a few sewing tips and terms this January? With Training Matchmaker and #LearnuaryNI you can follow a brand new YouTube series this January/February: ‘The Beginners A-Z of Sewing with Angeline Murphy.  

Find the #LearnuaryNI Sewing Challenge on YouTube

  Watch Trainer Angeline’s first educational video here   During the course of this series Angeline will explain some of the top sewing terms and help beginners get to grips with sewing jargon. In the very first episode Angeline takes a look at A.  
‘A’ is for Appliqué, Anchor Stitch and Atelier
  Feel free to share this #LearnuaryNI sewing challenge with anyone who would love to learn more about sewing and pick up a new skill this year.

About #LearnuaryNI

To find out more about #LearnuaryNI – a Northern Ireland learning challenge to encourage people to learn one new thing (or teach one thing) each day for 31 days visit #LearnuaryNI. For inspiration follow the hashtag #LearnuaryNI on social media, visit our #LearnuaryNI blogs or click on ‘Find a Course’.

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