Useful Digital Marketing Resources founder, Chartered MarketerChristine Watson often gets asked how she keeps on top of the constant changes across the various digital marketing platforms that are commonly used by marketers to reach their target audiences for business gain. Discover below the digital marketing resources that Christine uses to keep her skills up to date. Given the ever changing nature of digital marketing, ignorance really is not bliss. For example in December 2017 facebook changed it’s algorithm to penalise facebook pages and content that breaks it’s terms and conditions of use i.e. requires a share and a tag in a competition entry post. Missing big changes such as these can have long term detrimental impacts on your marketing metrics given the visibility of all your content will be impacted from your rule-breaking action onwards. There are many other changes that happen in SEO and across all digital platforms all the time such as being able to now follow hashtags on Instagram, being able to add guests to your Live video and it can be hard to keep your knowledge, skills and applied learning up to date. To tackle this challenge is piloting a new concept – the Digital Sanity (#DigiSanity) supper club to facilitate peer to peer learning in relation to the latest changes across digital marketing. Marketing Practitioners and Trainers are welcome to attend – the next Digital Sanity Supper Club takes place in the private dining room of the Malmaison Hotel, Belfast on Monday 29 January from 5.30pm to 7.00pm and you can book on eventbrite.   Digital Marketing Educators / Bloggers / Thought Leaders:   Name: Econsultancy Website: Facebook: Twitter: @econsultancy   Name: Smart insights Website: Facebook: Twitter: @smartinsights   Name: Social media today Website: Facebook: Twitter: @socialmedia2day   Name: Social Media Examiner Website: Facebook: Twitter: @smexaminer   Name: Mash Social Media Website: Facebook: Twitter: @mashsocialmedia   Name: Hub Spot Website: Facebook: Twitter: @hubspot       We hope you are inspired by the various case studies, tips and webinars provided (mostly free of charge) by our list of useful digital marketing learning resources and to leave you with one final tip: Christine uses the ‘save’ function in facebook and the ‘favourite’ function in twitter to store articles for future reading or use You can find Christine on Twitter @watsonmydear, on and on If you have found this blog useful please do hit the share button. If you have learnt something new as a result of this blog please do share your learning on your social media channels using the hashtag #LearnuaryNI.

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