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  My name is Pauline and I will be spending the next month as an Erasmus trainee at To start it all off, Christine Watson, the Erasmus trainer of my colleague Lina and me, encouraged us to make up our minds about personal learning interests and how we could integrate them into this traineeship in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Despite belonging to the generation of digital natives, it quickly became clear to me that I need to brush up on my social media competencies. These are necessary skills¬†to keep up with the pace of our time and the wide variety of tasks at work that I hope to accomplish during my time here.¬†I’m looking forward to gaining a lot more skills at handling social media as successfully as possible.
Looking at the variety of the tasks my colleague and I were allocated during our Induction, I will use the chance to get to know as much as possible to build my personal development.
During the month long stay, my colleague Lina and I will stick to a plan full of online learning courses to extend our skills and knowledge, the varied work life, our eager hunt for the best photos to put out on social media and keep as memories and the generally exciting time to live everyday life in Belfast. All of it will happen as a part of the #LearnuaryNI– campaign.

That is why the first stop on my LearnuaryNI-list will be:

I) starting to work with WordPress, followed by
II) a (proper) introduction to Instagram. The less you learn in school, the more you have to catch up with later in life. Dealing with any kind of software or tools other than a simple writing program and maybe calculation with a few tables was not part of my school education. This lack of knowledge is more of a problem in my work life than I would like it to be, so I will use every chance I can get to improve.
III) Twitter has never been a platform to me. That is why I would like to seize the opportunity to have a look at the training course Twitter Flight School Free Online Course.
IV) Due to my hobby of writing fiction, I’m also interested in The Art of Storytelling online course of Disney Pixar with the Khan Academy. I will try to take it during my¬† stay, but in case I won’t have the time now, I’m sure I will take it later.
V) I would like to further improve my WordPress-skills in relation to writing for online audiences / blogging in these four weeks.
VI) The Apple Photo walks will be an amazing opportunity to further improve on my skills that will become useful to the brand presence on social media.
VII) What I’ve seen of Belfast, Northern Ireland so far is largely impressing with all the Street art in the Cathedral Quarter. It’s present everywhere you look and there are so many stories being told, that I will just have to open my eyes to be inspired for work and writing.
VIII) A visit to the Belfast Botanic Gardens and the Titanic museum are on the wishlist for my free time.
IX) I hope that visits to exhibitions or meetups can play a big role in our tasks.
X) I’m looking forward to making a lot of different cultural experiences.
XI) Getting out of the city and to see some more of the country is another goal I set for myself, but it’s going to stay a bit fluid, because it would make up for more than just one goal. (To this end though I plan to co-create an aspirational itinerary with Lina and our Trainer Christine who is also a WorldHost Tourism Ambassador Facilitator).
XII) I like cooking, which is why I do it at home any why my colleagues decided to leave it to me to cook for us all on a regular basis. This is why I’m reading into Northern Irish traditional dishes and researching recipies as well as places to eat out¬†to get some inspiration. My personal strategy is to go where the locals go. That’s where you can find gems.   XIII) In my pursuit of recipies, I’m planning to go to¬†Libraries NI to have a look at different cooking books.   XIV) And this is why I’ll sign up for a free¬†library membership. I’m sure I will find more than just cooking books that interest me.   XV) I saw that a local theatre is playing “Sweeney Todd”, which means that I will go to the theatre and experience a play performed in the English¬†language.   XVI) I’m interested in a tour of Parliament Buildings, Stormont.
Blog written by Pauline from Germany, hosted by trainee at the Erasmus+ exchange program on the 29th of January in Belfast, Northern Ireland  

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