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As Erasmus trainees my German colleague Pauline and I got the chance to spend a month at TrainingMatchmaker.com in Belfast, Northern Ireland. On our first day, our Trainer – Chartered Marketer and founder of TrainingMatchmaker.com Christine Watson presented the challenge to us to create a list of learning goals as part of the participative #LearnuaryNI campaign. Here are thirty of thirty-one goals which I set  myself to fulfil during the four weeks of my traineeship in Northern Ireland:
  1. Learn how to use WordPress to upload content to a website,
  2. Complete an introduction to Instagram online programme by Facebook Blueprint,
  3. Do a Canva online course to learn how to work with graphic design tool ‘Canva’ to create marketing content,
  4. Learn about essay and report writing skills  via free online website OpenLearn by Open University,
  5. Learn about the basics of video creating with a YouTube online course,
  6. On this basis, add the course “Creative Studio” to learn how to use tools to optimise the videos,
  7. Learn about skills to learn and use a new language and how to stay motivated to do so via free online website OpenLearn by Open University,
  8. Take part at the Apple Photography walk to learn about how to take photos in use of the light and so on,
  9. Visit the Chinese New Year exhibition of the Confucius Institute of the Ulster University in Belfast to get to know about the Chinese culture and …
  10. … visit the Chinese New Year Event 2019 in Belfast,
  11. Create Instagram stories with my German colleague Pauline for the Instagram presence of TrainingMatchmaker.com,
  12. Watch a movie in the cinema to improve my listening skills to a foreign language,
  13. Visit the Titanic Belfast museum to learn about its history,
  14. Visit the Botanic Garden of Belfast to find out and learn about various species of plants,
  15. Learn about Paraphrasing texts and…
  16. … summarising texts via OpenLearn,
  17. Visit Giant’s Causeway and The Gobbins Cliff Path outside of Belfast with my colleagues from the Erasmus programme,
  18. Take part in a free public tour of the Belfast City Hall to learn about it’s history and structure,
  19. Take part in a Free Walking Tour to get to see the sights of Belfast and learn about the history,
  20. Visit Belfast Castle,
  21. Try food that is exemplary for Northern Irish food such as soda or potato bread or Irish stew,
  22. Have a look at the current exhibition at The MAC Belfast ( Metropolitan Arts Centre) in Cathedral Quarter,
  23. Spend an evening in a Pub to get to listen to live music and get to know about the live music culture,
  24. Visit St George’s Market to experience its variety, entertainment and food,
  25. Go on a trip to Murlough Beach in the Murlough National Nature Reserve with my Erasmus colleagues,
  26. With the help of Pauline, learn how to use Google Drive so that we can work together on our blogs and share our results,
  27. Go to a local theater to experience how it is to watch a play in another language,
  28.  Learn about how to react or speak in daily life situations in foreign country,
  29. Visit the Ulster Museum and have a look at the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition and the mummy,
I’m looking forward to updating this, my first blog, with more learning goals soon to complete the 31 day challenge and to add some descriptions of why these goals are important to me. In order to learn something about  Northern Ireland and to gain experiences about other cultures, I also plan to add leisure and travel learnings that fit with this goal to my list. I also hope to improve my English skills (written & oral) as a result of my time invested in Belfast with my traineeship host: TrainingMatchmaker.com.
Blog written by Lina B., administrative assistant trainee from Germany on January 28, 2019 as part of Erasmus Traineeship placement with TrainingMatchmaker.com in Belfast.

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