Learning Plan of Erasmus Trainee Julian Pankratz

Learning plan of Erasmus Trainee Julian Pankratz

Erasmus Trainee Julian in Belfast Profile Picture
I’m Julian, a German Software Developer. In Germany I’m working at Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH and studying an Apprenticeship at Oskar-von-Miller-Schule in Kassel.  I’m here at TrainingMatchmaker.com in Belfast, Northern Ireland to experience a different working culture, improve my English skills and learn as much as possible.
At the beginning of my new journey I received a welcome meeting with my Trainer on the Erasmus programme in Belfast – Christine Watson she is also the founder of TrainingMatchmaker.com and a Chartered Marketer. She told me my placement will be challenging but fun.
Over coffee we took the time to create a list of learning goals as part of my traineeship. My Trainer Christine expects me to dedicate at least 14 hours of my working time to complete training courses both online and face to face. I discovered that there were many options available for me to choose from and I spent some time on my first day looking through the training opportunities listed on TrainingMatchmaker to add to my goals.  

 Learning Goals:

  1. To explore Belfast and Northern Ireland and learn more about the culture and history To complete this goal I plan to take tours and visit some sights. From my online research I found a Free Walking Tour through Belfast and I will take the advice from Tourism Trainer Christine to go to a place called Visit Belfast which has tourist information for all of Northern Ireland.
  2. Learn how to Use WordPress I got given a work task to change content on the websites of TrainingMatchmaker.com. Trainer Christine showed me some wordpress basics on day one and she plans to give me a step by step instruction for the upload of my first blog post content. For further training development I plan to use online wordpress and blogging tutorials.
  3. Video editing with Quik by Go Pro In our first meeting Trainer Christine showed me how to use the free video editing app – Quik which is made by Go Pro and we took a few minutes to create a quik app video using photos and a short video. Our first effort was posted in the instagram story of TrainingMatchmaker. To build my skill in this area I`m going to make some videos by myself.
  4. Get started with Blogging To become familiar with blogging as a skill this will not be my only Blog. Learning by doing I will go on to make two more Blogs one about all the goals that I reached during my Erasmus time at TrainingMatchmaker.com and one about free online course options in the field of programming.
  5. Photography Skills For Blogs I need Photos and to build my photography expertise I will go to a free training course at the Apple store in Victoria Square shopping centre in Belfast city centre. There are a number of photography workshops and photo walks and the course I have chosen will be about Capturing Light and Shadows and I will go on to report on what the Apple Trainer showed me during my #TodayAtApple learning experience.
  6. Completing online training courses I have 14 hours to complete free courses at TrainingMatchmaker.com or some Programming courses that are available free of charge online – my research via TrainingMatchmaker.com uncovered courses listed on Edx.org from USA university: MIT. My blog on the programmer course options will make me aware of the most relevant options for programming skill development.
About Me:
Erasmus Trainee Julian in Belfast
My Name is Julian Pankratz and I’m 20 years old. I am a Software Developer who works at Applications and SQL Databases. In my Company we create a lot of Software for the Automotive Industry mainly for the Marketing and Net-Development. We have Customers all around the World. I like to Play Videogames and to Swim.
About Erasmus: Erasmus is an EU funded opportunity that provides me the possibility of working in a different country. It matches me with a host family and a company to work at in an EU country outside of Germany.    

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