One month in Belfast with Erasmus+  My name is Tessa and I’m from Hamburg, Germany. In Hamburg I work in an agency that specialises in online marketing. I have already spent a year in the United States to attend a local High School and I became more and more interested to experience the work life in another country as well. So luckily through the Erasmus Program I got to spend a month in Belfast, Northern Ireland with My main goals for this month were to freshen up my English skills since I don’t get the chance to speak English that often in Germany. I also wanted to use this chance to get an idea of other Marketing fields like Social Media for example. 
For my Erasmus traineeship my Mentor and Trainer Christine Watson encouraged me to set goals. I set the following goals: 
Inspired by the learning opportunities listed on Trainingmatchmaker I wanted to: 
  • learn about video editing with iMovie using the free one hour course available at the Apple Store in Belfast because I haven’t much experience with video editing and video marketing and Christine advised that 80% of all online content consumed could be via video by 2019
Throughout my traineeship I also want to achieve the following goals: 
  • learn more about SEO and  keyword analysis
  • create a chatbot
  • help to organise events. The events throughout my time will include the Blogging Inspiration Session at Ormeau Road library on 18 October, preparation and marketing for a 6 week course for blogging that starts on 1 November as well a WorldHost customer service training course delivery, when I will also get the chance to complete this workshop. In the weeks ahead of these events I am planning to create a content calendar as well as develop content for social media. 
  • carry out Hashtag analysis to find out which hashtags can help you to reach a bigger audience and support your goals in Social Media 
  • Video editing with the Quik App by GoPro
  • working with Canva to create and design posters and advertisements for Social Media
  • explore Belfast and Northern Ireland
About Me:
I am a marketing communications apprentice and I work in an online marketing agency in Hamburg that specialises in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). I am part of the SEA team, as well as the sales team. I have always been extremely interested in the whole marketing field and I am always open to new experiences, so participating in the Erasmus program was the perfect opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone and to do something completely new.   

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