Hi,  my name is Geremia and I come from Italy. I am completing my Erasmus experience in Belfast in Northern Ireland. I will stay here for 5 weeks. I will work for Trainer Christine Watson until the end of the traineeship. I met Christine Watson (founder of www.watsonmarketing.com and www.trainingmatchmaker.com ) two days ago and we spoke a lot about the organisation of her business and what tasks I will have to do. I will complete many learning courses during my experience, online and face to face. In fact Watson & Co Chartered Marketing have also another website called www.TrainingMatchmaker.com  where you can find many free courses about social media, editing, free popular apps and many others things! I have to choose the courses that I will do. So I’ll spend my time here working and learning at the same time. Yesterday for example, we had a conference in the morning about Twitter, I learned some important techniques that I didn’t know. In the afternoon we did a free course in the apple store called: Video Walk, they taught us how to take great photos and videos with apple tools and they showed us various Camera Iphone functions.

Learning goals

         Language Skills: I have to improve my language skills, spoken and written. I need to be confident speaking English because I love travelling so it’s fundamental and I also work with it because I have a business in Italy which works with tourists from different parts of the world.
         Photography and video skills: I often use social media to share my life experiences with my audience and I do it also to earn some extra money because I have many views online and some enterprises pay me to promote their products, so if I improve my skills I could have more views and more enterprises interested in my online brand.
         Canva skills: A free course by Canva which listed as one of the training opportunities will teach me how to use canva for graphics. Canva is a free app to create imagery, you can do a lot of things with it, so it’s important for those who want to work with Social Media.
         WordPress skills: Trainer Christine will teach us how to use WordPress. It’s a programme to create your website as you want, for example www.watsonsmarketing.com and trainingmatchmaker.com are both created on WordPress along with millions of other websites around the world.
         Editing skills: there are many opportunities to learn more about editing here in Belfast, there are many free courses in the Apple store in Belfast city. I like making travel video blogs so I will attend courses about videography and video editing.
         Google skills: I wish to learn how to become a local guide on Google Maps.  I have to make photos and video of the city and share them on Google maps to help other people who visit Belfast or are planning to visit.
         Twitter skills: I don’t use twitter and because of this I don’t know how to use it but on www.trainermatchmaker.com there are some courses about it that I will do. So at the end of this experience I think I will be able to use it without any problem.
         Irish culture: I’d like to learn as much as possible about the Irish culture, visiting the city and different places – for tourists and for locals.
         Blog skills: I have to write some blogs during the experience and I never written a blog before. I like it because I want to learn how to do it, this is the first blog of my life, a starting point, my next one – my Erasmus Traineeship Learning Log – will have to be better to showcase progress, so it’s a great challenge for me.

About me

My name is Geremia Bussotti and I am 17 until the 9th of December. I come from Tuscany, in Italy. I am going to study marketing and management at university, probably in Pisa or Bologna. I passed the Erasmus selection to come to Belfast for 5 weeks, to work and to learn as much as possible. I haven’t a host family here, I live independently in an apartment, with Spanish and Italian roommates so I have to cook and to clean, actually it isn’t a problem for me. In Italy I study during the winter but in the summer I work for my family business, we have a shop that sells beer and an Italian restaurant, I have to promote them by social media and online – I manage both websites. I love travelling around the world in touristic places and less popular locations. I cannot stay abroad for long periods of time because of school, my work and sport. I am a dynamic person and I do a lot of sporting activities: my main sports are football and gym. I hope that everything goes well and my supervisor Christine is happy with my job performance. You can follow me on instagram  

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