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Learning Log

Following my learning plan , I have listed below  all the learning that I have undertaken throughout my training with and all the different learning goals that I accomplished from the start of my experience as a Belfast Met Live Skills trainee.  The Goals I set in my learning plan were to gain practical competency using the following digital tools and online training resources:


Google analytics


Google local Guides


Facebook Insights




WordPress I was able to learn about WordPress  and how to use it. Through – my trainer Christine showed me how to sign in and set up my first ever blog. I was then able to add my own copy and hyperlinks to useful websites for training links. To find one of the many hyperlinks I have created in this blog all you need to do is scroll over a word that might be a different colour and click on it. This will then bring you to the website page on what the word was about. I have added media into my blog by using the “Add Media” button this allowed me to place an image of myself into the blog. I had never used WordPress before or written a blog before but I found it a very useful tool to use.

Google analytics I have been shown how to use Google analytics to discover how many people have looked at my blog, where they found my blog, what country they are from, what device they are on and how long they stayed on my content.
Hootsuite is a social media platform, that allows users to schedule posts updates to any page or profile for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, WordPress, and other platforms from one place—the Hootsuite dashboard. When you sign up, you are essentially given a dashboard with tabs organising all the social profiles you connect to Hootsuite. This platform allows all your social media accounts that  Users can implement and analyse marketing campaigns across all social profiles without needing to sign in to each social network individually. You can find free online introduction to Hootsuite through .  
Google local Guides Is used for people or business to post reviews and photographs or helpful information regarding a place or business to google maps. I really enjoyed using  and I  am  currently on Level 4 Local Guide. It can be accessed through Google maps and is easy to set up and use. It can be very helpful for people to check online and see if a particular restaurant or attraction is worth visiting by looking at user generated reviews and pictures. I find myself returning to my Local Guide profile to see how many people have seen my content.
Google Dublin Breakfast Briefing  Google EMEA HQ in Dublin host free monthly learning events for Practicing Digital Marketers and Trainers under the brand Google Breakfast Briefings. One hour seminars delivered by Google Experts run after a complimentary breakfast, in the Foundry, Barrow Street, Dublin on the first Friday of each month. We went to the 6th of September briefing entitled Unwrapping Christmas, which gave insights into consumer behaviors and triggers that influence purchasing patterns online, ahead of the Christmas season. I found this very interesting and insightful especially learning about the #MessyMiddle patterns of online shopping – the user journey from awareness to purchase can be influenced by lots of different marketing factors.
Twitter    There are lots of free courses on Twitter  through, that show you to use Twitter for personal and business use. These courses will give you an insight as how how video can be used in ad campaigns in relation to involving aspects such as ad targeting, pricing, creation, launch, optimisation and reporting. This has enabled me to take part in #BelfastHour (online networking) which runs every Thursday night between 9pm-10pm . This has given me a great insight into Belfast business and how marketing campaigns can be used.    
Instagram   Was new to me before my placement with which lists free courses on Instagram. The online courses gave me an insight as how to set up an  Instagram  account for myself and how to use it.  My Trainer: Chartered Marketer Christine Watson advises that there are more Instagram courses and tutorials to be found via Facebook Blueprint (Instagram is  a facebook product).
Linkedin Never having used this before, it was very straightforward to  set up a profile, which was really easy to use and understand. Linkedin is a great resource to connect with other people/business in a way that lets you keep in touch with current trends and thinking in business and do some personal branding in a professional setting.
Canva Free online tutorials for this can be found listed at Canva is a graphic design tool that uses drop and drag format which has a vast array of online graphics and photographs. I used  Canva to make templates for use in conjunction with a client and make graphics for  Instagram.
About me:       My name is Will, I have over 20 years experience within Reprographics and 5 years as a Nightshift Manager/Controller. I have been out of employment for over 10 years due to 3 major spinal surgeries. After completing a pain management course at Belfast City Hospital within the last year I was provided me with a renewed enthusiasm to get back into education in order improve and develop my knowledge and skills.
Having completed a 4 week learning course in Digital and New Technologies at the Belfast Met, Springvale campus as the first part of the course, an additional 4 weeks of the course involved undertaking a work placement with Watson & Co Chartered Marketing /  This opportunity allowed me to put my new learning into practice in a professional setting and gain an understanding into analytics. Showing how and why  analysis is being used in marketing/branding purposes whilst further enhancing my digital skill set.
About Live Skills
Live Skills is a training programme delivered by Belfast Met and part funded by Erasmus.            

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