Vivian McKinnon whose depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in working with people from all backgrounds and sectors using a compassionate and eclectic approach has enabled her to be one of the most proficient change work specialists.

A Mental Health and Addiction Trainer, Vivian is the NI Regional Coordinator for UK SMART Recovery and is practiced in the following treatments: Havening, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Auricular Acupuncture, Laughter Yoga, Counselling and Clinical Hynotherapy.

​Since living in Northern Ireland, Vivian has focused her attention on community based programmes both in mental health and addiction services. Her projects have ranged from strategic action planning to implementing creative solutions and  interventions, sometimes for school refusers whose lives have been impacted by substance misuse and mental health, to focusing her time on working with adults living with the symptoms of trauma many of whom are using substances to cope.In 2015 Vivian opened Hydro-ease Northern Ireland’s only Floatation and Wellness Centre, and lately lends her skill to working on a one to one basis with highly skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to realise and release their untapped potential.

Vivian is registered with the Public Health Agency to deliver their Mental Health First Aid training and is part of the focus group to enable this training to keep current and relevant to the needs of Northern Ireland. As well as this Vivian works in a bespoke way to allow the client/organisation to guide and direct both the content and desired outcome.

Before moving to NI in 2010 Vivian spent 6 years with Scotland’s leading homelessness charity, Move On, coordinating and developing their mentoring project offering training,  support and guidance to Mentors and young people who have experience of being looked after and accommodated by the local authority then latterly developing a floating support project offering support and guidance to young people and adults who have found themselves in the revolving door of homelessness.

​All her Training approaches assist with;
Self /  Business Development
Motivation towards goals
Emotional/Psychological Trauma
Fears and phobias
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Injury
Guilt and Shame
Anger and rage
Chronic pain and illnesses
Cravings and emotional eating
Insomnia and sleep issues
Self-esteem and confidence
Stress and Resilience
Visualisation and creativity
Sports enhancement
Installing positive belief


Mental Health, Addiction