Journalist, author, commentator and publicist Tina Calder is the owner of Excalibur Press, a unique content development, news and publicity agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Working with the biggest media institutions across the country (north and south) including BBC, Trinity Mirror, News International (News UK), Bauer, Johnston Press, NW Media Group, Independent News & Media, leading influencers and bloggers….we are the the leading content creation agency in Belfast servicing both media and corporate clients.

Tina has over two decades experience working as a freelance contractor for the UK and Irish media.  As well as having owned a photo syndication agency, news agency and publicity management company she has also had an extensive career in local journalism and media (including radio broadcasting).

Excalibur Press launched its publishing department in November 2015 and has since produced over 20 titles of which some are authored, edited or ghost written by Tina.  January 2018 sees the launch of her book The Ultimate Author Toolkit which will be followed up by a series of face to face workshops, training sessions and online courses later this year.

Tina is also a native advertising/sponsored content specialist writer working with clients such as Johnston Press across their UK titles.

Training workshops/courses etc…Tina has delivered include:

  • What makes a good feature?  What are the journalists looking for?
  • Kids Writing & Storytelling Summer Scheme (and series of workshops throughout the year)
  • Website Planning: What do you need to create that perfect website
  • A Basic Guide To Google Drive
  • Creating quick & engaging content for your business
  • Social media content: how to create it quickly & effectively
  • Content ideas workshop: brainstorming your way to better content

New courses for 2018:

  • The Ultimate Author Toolkit (early 2018)
  • The Ultimate Musician Toolkit (late 2018)
  • Native advertising copy writing
  • How to write a business ebook
  • Creating effective lead magnets
  • A guide to self publishing
  • others TBC…


Content Creation, Publishing, Writing & Storytelling, Journalism/Media, Idea Generation, Creative Thinking