Mental Health Awareness and Resilience Trainer Sandy Webb has  worked in the voluntary and community sector, specifically in the mental health field for over 12 years.

Her key area of interest is recovery and she strongly believes that prevention and early intervention is vital to tackling poor mental health and helping people to become more resilient, better able to cope emotionally with difficult circumstances and live happy and fulfilling lives.


Sandy currently delivers training with The Hummingbird Project

The Hummingbird Project CIC was founded in 2016 by Leigh Carey and Sandy Webb to create innovative and inclusive solutions to improve the mental health and wellbeing for the people in our community. With a focus on early intervention and prevention for everyone struggling to cope by helping individuals, organisations and communities onto their path to recovery.


Mental wellbeing is the responsibility and foundation of any thriving and inclusive community. The mission and ethos of Sandy as a Trainer in the Mental Health field and The Hummingbird Project CIC is to provide person centred, strengths based programmes, one to one support and training thereby sharing knowledge with other stakeholders to provide a better quality of life for everyone. The passion of Sandy and The Hummingbird Project CIC is to give people the skills and hope to determine their own future.


Model of Working


Sandy and The Hummingbird Project CIC model of work is based on the 3 key themes of Understand, Unlock and Uplift with lived experience being an essential tool in helping people to become experts in themselves and what keeps them well. Training is supported by a one to one recovery mentoring service facilitates an individual to focus on their own unique circumstances and life skills to identify barriers to wellbeing and set achievable goals.


Sandy provides bespoke training programs to the voluntary and community sector. Training that tackles some of the difficulties that delegates face. The training is centred around inspiring individuals to work to overcome fears, use peer support and identify their strengths in order to find a positive way forward.


Sandy also provides training programmes to employers to improve knowledge and provide tools to look after workplace wellbeing. The role of Trainer Sandy and The Hummingbird Project CIC is to take mental health in the workplace out of the shadows and allow employers and employees alike to feel more supported and confident in dealing with mental health concerns.


Trainer Sandy  as part of The Hummingbird Project CIC can provide the skills to allow employers to engage with their staff about mental ill health with the same confidence that they deal with a physical health issue. Showing trainees how to reduce stigma in employees that may have issues to help them to look after themselves and others better.

Trainer Sandy as part of The Hummingbird Project CIC delivers a half day endorsed programme that provides an introduction into improving mental health in the workplace.

Also available is a two day accredited course, suitable for team leaders, managers or appointed workplace mental health champions to gain specific skills and tools to support others in their team who may be struggling.


Mental Health, Resilience