With 30+ years of retail experience Trainer and Mentor Sandra Young helps businesses in several ways to enable their growth and increase profitability.

Training specialisms include:


  • Proven methods, tips and quick ways to improve sales technique
  • Understanding why people do/don’t buy and overcoming objections
  • Making all of the team realise and embrace the belief that ‘the customer is king’
  • Stock Analysis, Improving Store standards and Merchandising guidelines
  • Layouts, adjacencies & circulation
  • Basic principles of the window and in-store displays


Sandra can deliver training to new and existing businesses to recruit new team members and how to get the most from their staff complement to ensure all personnel are aiming for the success of the business

Social Enterprise:

Sandra works regularly with new and existing social enterprises to deliver business development training to ensure they are working towards their specific social objectives that serve their primary purpose. Sandra helps social enterprises and their teams to upskill and work towards maximising their profits and benefits to society or the environment to enable organisation profits to principally be used to fund social change.


Retail, Customer care/service, Staff recruitment/ Development and all aspects of HR, Social Enterprise