Leadership Development Trainer Nigel McPolin is an experienced Business Psychologist.

An Occupational Psychologist with over 23 years experience in Leadership Development and Learning/Training in the workplace Nigel has delivered training across the sectors – Private, Public and Not-for-Profit. Nigel also has international training delivery experience with clients such as Dell Inc, American Power Conversions, McAfee and Schering Plough. Locally, Trainer Nigel has worked for all sizes of companies including Translink, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Brett Martin, CDE Global and Woodside Haulage.

Personally, Nigel believes in the potential and ability of every single employee and that line managers play the most vital role in helping employees achieve their potential.

His training focuses on the ethos that “You are an important person to a lot of people”.

Nigel believes that learning is best when it is enjoyable and accessible when you need it. And that continual learning in small chunks is far more effective than traditional training sessions when all content is condensed to fit the time constraints.

Away from work, Nigel loves to spend family time with my wife, four daughters and Golden Labrador, Indy, especially outdoor time.

The Engaging Leadership Academy:

Nigel has founded the Engaging Leadership Academy – a blend of on-line video based training with a host of live interactive sessions.

Benefits of the Engaging Leadership Academy include:

  • Continually updated suite of Engaging Leadership training courses
    • Courses are continually added to the suite
    • Members can request topics to be covered
  • Exclusive membership of a closed Facebook Engaging Leadership Group
    • Networking with peers and other leaders
    • Learn with other aspirational leaders
    • Participate in (or just listen to) daily discussions on a range of leadership issues suggested by group members
    • Request training course topics
  • Fortnightly live calls
    • Choose to attend a live 1 hour call each fortnight
    • Each call will have a theme with space for additional questions
    • Speak directly with an experienced Occupational Psychologist
  • Monthly webinars
    • Live training event every month
    • Ask questions and participate
  • Action-learning sets for Engaging Leadership Development
    • Bring your engaging leadership topic to an on-line action learning set
    • Explore your topic guided by your peers’ questions
    • Learn while questioning your peers on their chosen topics
  • Employee engagement survey & Engaging Leader feedback
    • Tailored action plan to develop your skills as an Engaging Leader



“I am 22 days into the 30 day challenge so far and really enjoying it.  More importantly, my team are enjoying it!  I think in professional services there is a tendency to focus on your technical skills, but in my opinion it is the softer skills that make the big difference for our teams and clients.

Nigel provides simple, actionable, low investment tips that can be put into action immediately.  After 4 working weeks of putting these tips into action, I can see a notable difference in my team already.”

Paul Braden, Associate Director, iXBRL Centre of Excellence, KPMG


“Excellent trainer.  Nigel has great interpersonal skills and illustrates his training through story telling.  He is down to earth, very approachable, and obviously loves what he does.  He is very knowledgeable and gives great advice.”

Laura, CDE Global


“Great courses and highly recommend.  In fact, I am now ensuring my colleagues are enrolled on these courses.  Great tutor – 10 out of 10.”

Damian McIlroy, Business Development Manager, Conscia



Leadership, Employee Engagement, Team Building