Lucy Mc Kenna is a Learning specialist and facilitator , with a focus on using design thinking tools, for innovation and personal development .  She has extensive experience in designing impactful learning programmes that build resilience and create positive work environments, as well as guiding individuals on their own life design journey.  Lucy has developed her skills over the last 15 years working in organisations such as Google, Eircom and Aer Lingus. She now runs her own learning & development consultancy, Full Aeon Ltd, which has the overarching goal to create happier people, teams and societies.    She has a MA in Interactive Media Design, a degree in Business Studies and is a certified coach. If you want to get Lucy engaged in an animated discussion, get her talking about the future, and the opportunities it holds for us to become truly human beings as opposed to human doings!


“Lucy is a delight to work with, bringing creativity and a depth of knowledge to help us develop our first Hothouse at Catalyst Inc.  The Hothouse attracted a mixture of talented individuals from engineering, science and technology backgrounds and Lucy’s strong facilitation skills meant that the cohort gelled together well over 1½ days, forming teams and achieving the outcome that was set out for the programme.   The feedback has been excellent and we plan to run future Hothouses in the future, with Lucy’s help we can truly use design thinking to encourage our co-founders to make a difference to the knowledge economy in the coming years.”  Sonya Kerr, Programme Manger, Catalyst Inc

“Lucy is a fabulous design thinker, strong facilitator, amazing coach, and a wonderful human being! Thanks to Lucy’s brilliant mind and heart we were able to co-design the most powerful Life Design schools programme. And because working with her has been such a pleasure, we also asked Lucy to consult us on bringing Life Design into Google which turned out to be a great success too. Lucy is an inspiring individual with multi-faceted skills to help people transform!”  Caro Schulz, Program Manager, Google Ireland

“My team work in high pressured, fast moving environment.  I reached out to Lucy at Full Aeon because I wanted to give them the opportunity to focus on their own personal growth, as well as encouraging them to take ownership of creating a healthy work/life balance.  Lucy designed and delivered an engaging workshop that the team thoroughly enjoyed.  She has a very unique and pragmatic approach to addressing personal development and wellbeing, and this was something that landed well with my team of 12 IT Consultants.  Many of the team have taken actions based on what was explored in the workshop and it has also encouraged them to be more open with me, and share , some of their career and life goals.” Jamie Neilan, Director professional Services, EPI-USE Labs

“I took part in a one-day course with Full Aeon. I found it so insightful, practical and most of all collaborative.
 I left with answers to questions I had been mulling over for years and with tools to take action.  The whole day ran smoothly and everything was timed perfectly so you got great benefit out of the exercises, there was no hanging around.   Totally packed a punch. I really couldn’t recommend it highly enough, in a world where there is lots of talk of goals, inspiration and motivation these guys actually walk the talk and deliver the goods that you can personally implement. Loved it!”  Joyce Fegan, Journalist


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