I am passionate about helping people understand IT systems!  It makes them more productive and effective employees and training is a win/win investment for both employees and employers.

I have been an IT consultant since 1995 and business owner since 2015. Work with organisations to understand their business processes around sales, marketing and customer services and look for ways in which IT systems can be configured to add value, create a solution, reduce non-value steps in their processes. This provides their customers with a better experience resulting in more profitable business. An important part of this process is to translate what an organisation needs into what specific software can do. As a functional consultant, I translate business requirements into system requirements; train staff members on business processes as well as software; create house-style templates with Microsoft Office; using IT systems in tracking the customer journey and experience; integrating websites with CRM/SharePoint to capture data directly; advising on data import/export; or changing business processes to make the IT systems work more effectively


IT training - SharePoint, CRM, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, bespoke training for bespoke products, business process training and design