Founder of Uleska.

Gary is an application security professional and innovator with a proven track record of architecting, coding, evaluating and testing secure software systems. He has a strong software security background with an emphasis on secure software development, built from over 18 years of experience developing, securing and pen-testing complex applications.

After the 18 years of working in telecoms, TV and Finance, Gary made the move to work on his business project which launches April 2017.

“At Uleska we believe software security should proactively provide development solutions to software security.  We believe software development works better if security issues are solved properly by experts in their trade. We believe in a product that shares these solutions, to be re-used by the industry.  We believe that these security solutions should automatically be integrated into software systems.”

Uleska will be providing consulting and training in order to share knowledge, experience and skills within the industry.


Cyber Security