Reiki Trainer, Transformational Speaker, Communication and Empowerment Coach, Deborah uses the knowledge and skills from her own unique life journey and consequent recovery from depression, to help others transform their lives.

As a result of working with Deborah, having therapy sessions, attending her workshops and hearing her speak, people feel listened to, challenged and empowered to take ownership of their mindset, break through their limiting beliefs, hidden subconscious fears & emotions and become empowered to transform themselves and their lives.

Certified Tera-Mai Reiki Master, Trainer and Practitioner
Certified Seichem Master, Trainer & Practitioner
Master Practitioner in Time line Therapy, (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis
Practitioner of IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)

Reiki Levels 1,2 & 3
Vision Board Workshops
Introduction to the Law of Attraction
Awakening To Your Power Workshop for Women


“When you join Deborah to learn and become attuned to Tera-Mai Reiki, you do not only gain a new skill but you gain a mentor and a friend. I started my Reiki journey with Deborah in 2015 and in the last year have undertaken Level II and III with her. Throughout this time, Deborah has been a guide and a light of assistance and clarity through my journey. Whether it is related to clearing after attunement, questions about issues that have come up in case study sessions, or needing advice on anything related to spiritual healing, growth or struggles, Deborah is always one of the first people I go to; I know I will get sound and honest assistance from her.
The Reiki classes are informative and run very much with the flow of the group. If you are guided to take Reiki up with Deborah, you will be guaranteed to have an uplifting and beautiful experience. I am blessed to have had such a powerful, enlightened teacher and will be forever grateful.”


“I feel so grateful. My consciousness has significantly raised by hearing my inner voice louder, understanding my chakras more closer and valuing myself distinctly. Deborah knows what she is doing so well and she talks so much sense on reiki, nlp and multiple energy therapies. Her approach is specifically focused on each individual and she guides you to find various ways to heal. She becomes a mentor as she cares about your wellbeing so she stays in touch to see how you are getting on in your journey. I feel empowered as I manage to separate all unnecessary things and people day after day and prioritise my own real needs. I realised how important to utilise my energy to nurture myself, let it go and stay grounded to build a stronger base for my future. It is an ongoing process and we still have our last session. It is relieving to see how she motivates me to release my own power and how to work on developing my healing energy. It has been absolute pleasure so far and I am looking forward to attend her NLP programme soon. Thanks for all guidance, support and relief Deborah.”


“Had Reiki treatment with shot of NLP with Deborah yesterday. Had amazing results released a lot an went in with my usual chronic back pain. Came out relaxed more flexible an ALOT less tension and pain. Highly recommend!!!”

To be honest I haven’t really thought about those negative things since the therapy, so I would say it’s been successful. I feel much more happy in myself and have been reducing my medication and feel better for it

“I feel so different.  The changes in me are unreal, more and more every week.
I know how to approach things better instead of taking on guilt.  The big thing, the guilt, is away.
My kids and husband have noticed big changes.
That ball of anger is away.  I dont need to prove myself to anybody.  I can do whatever I want for me.  I feel so calm now.
I felt terrible after that last session.  I had lots of fear but then it all released.
I feel I needed to go through those releases.
I am so much more self aware about whats going on with myself and others.
Everyone needs this” 🙂


Personal Development through mental and emotional transformation

Law of Attraction


Holistic Therapy Trainer, Mindset & Emotional Transformation, Empowerment Coaching