Colly Graham – International Sales Training Consultant
CEO of Graham Associates and salesxcellence

Salesxcellence was formed by Colly Graham in 1996 who has over forty years’ experience in
telephone, field sales and sales management. Colly is recognised as an international sales
trainer who achieves excellent results. Salesxcellence has trained and consulted with over
one thousand companies since the formation of the company, assisting companies to raise
the level of their game.

Colly has delivered training worldwide in Malaysia, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Barcelona and UK.

After graduating from college, Colly entered the field of accountancy however after five years decided to change
his career direction to a career in sales. First working for a Fortune 500 company in fast moving consumer
goods, his career progressed from selling capital equipment, financial services to internet services, with a wide
management experience in both telephone and field sales, concentrating on the recruitment, training and
development of sales people, in this role he gained experience in designing and building a number of successful
sales teams.

Colly brings forty years of practical experience of selling and his ability to empathise with sales people and
establish immediate rapport and credibility as a trainer, yet his training is state of the art as Colly keeps abreast
in the latest trends in marketing and selling. A Master practitioner of NLP Colly trained with Richard Bandler in 1998.

In 2014 Colly Graham was recognised by The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, The British
Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA) has been in the top eight sales trainers in UK