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MEDIA RELEASE   1 January 2018     ARE YOU READY FOR THE 31 DAY LEARNING CHALLENGE?     As people across Northern Ireland get ready to embark on their New Year’s Resolutions an online learning and training platform is setting the “Learn 31 New Things In January” challenge.     Today, founded by Belfast marketer Christine Watson, launched it’s #LearnuaryNI campaign encouraging people to share one thing they’ve learned or can teach to others every day in January.     Research states that January is more often than not the most depressing month of the year.  Not just that, it’s also the one month every year where most people try to change their lives for the better.   From New Year’s resolutions about health, wellbeing and career choices to pledges of sobriety, ambition and learning, Christine believes January is the perfect month for people to “try something new”.   Her company offers trainers and learners a place to congregate and search for and list training opportunities across Northern Ireland and beyond.   She said: “We’re really excited about our soft launch this month and #LearnuaryNI is the perfect opportunity for people to take the plunge and think about what they want to learn or teach in 2018.   “We’re encouraging people to join the conversation on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.  Whether people are making observations about their day and what they have learned along the way or whether they are offering snippets of learning from their online training courses or face to face workshops we hope they will use our #LearnuaryNI hashtag to inspire others taking part in the campaign either as learners, educators or spectators.” She added: “Don’t panic if you aren’t ready for January 1st.  The campaign will run until February 14 to give people the opportunity to share 31 individual posts.”   To get people ready for their #LearnuaryNI campaign here are Christine’s top 3 social media sharing tips:  
  1. Challenge your creativity
When creating your #LearnuaryNI posts don’t forget to use all the formats available for creating content.  From sharing photographs, word based statuses and memes to gifs, video and Live. Being diverse with your content will help capture the attention of your followers. Most social media platforms have their own free online training courses from Facebook Blueprint to Google Digital Garage and Snapchat Explore all of which you can find links to on  
  1. Don’t break the rules
Each social media platform has its own set of rules that, if broken, can penalise your profile or page and your content in terms of its visibility on users’ newsfeed’s.  For example, late in December Facebook announced new penalties for users requiring shares and tags in posts.  You can find more information on how to keep your digital skills up to date on throughout January.  
  1. Cramming is ok
If you have a big contract, holiday plans or are worried about being present on social media every day in January think about using scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer and even Facebook’s pre-scheduled post options to fill in the blanks.  To learn more information on scheduling tools and how to use them check out throughout January.   For more information log onto or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or SnapChat.   Ends   Editor’s Notes   Christine Watson is available for interview, Telephone: 07900881146 or email  

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